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Proof of Concept

We are experts in build Proof of Concepts (PoC). You can think about us as being the internal lab from your company, but with the advantage to use only when you need. We have large experience in bring new technologies to legacy system and on-going business, in a way that will bring value to your operation and not only costs for you.


Wandering if that new cool technology will help your business? Want to know if that buzzwords that your boss are talking about make sense inside your legacy system? Come to us, and we can propose a "Proof of Concept" (PoC) so you can tell for sure if that make sense or not. We can also look for alternatives or help you find the best technology for your problem.


Technology is evolving at fast speed. Even if the core of your business is not tech, you need a tech renew at some time. In this case, why keep a team of IT researches full time with you? Bring to us your challenge so we can prepare reports to support your decision about make investment in new technologies, or to choose other solutions.


We can think out-of-the-box to resolve your problem. If you need IT solutions never done before, give us a try.

Digital Umbrella

Our multidisciplinary skills can provide solutions using the most different technologies and products, everything working together.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud is here to stay, and we truly believe on it. New companies should focus in their business, not in infrastructure. We love cloud!

Software Architecture

We can provide best practices, identify problems and point solutions for your system. You don't need to keep an expert all the time in your staff. Use our experts and have close supervision.

Software Development

We can provide you code revision, software quality reports and everything you need to have a great solution. Don't be afraid of your developers, we can make sure they are making their best.


We love mobile apps. We can provide you the best mobile solution architecture to have something fast, to keep for long term or something in the middle of both. Let's know your plan and we can help in your decision.

About us

We are experts in doing "Proof of Concepts" (PoC) and thinking "Out of The Box" to find the best solution for your problem. You don't need to keep a R&D team inside your company any more. Come to us with your problem, and let's find the solution together.

We don't want to provide you software development only. Many companies can do it. We want to provide you software architecture, code review, long term plan for your IT strategy or best practice to have a MVP ready.

Don't let your on-going bussiness or start-up company don't go further because bad IT strategies. Share with us your problems and concerns, and we can provide you the best consulting service, normally provided only by big (and expensive) IT consulting companies.

Proof of Concept (PoC)


Research & Development






Pricing Table

We work with a very simple t-shirt size projects & prices. Check what you get and how much will pay for it.

If you don't know which one you need, no problem! Just contact us and we will help you.

To be true, we only accept a project after interview the client and make sure that he is getting the best option.


R$75.000/Two Months Work
  • Two Months of Work
  • Simple UIs (if necessary)
  • Two months live in our servers
  • Reports of the findings
  • Good for PoC and Complex Demos
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R$100.000/Tree Months Work
  • Tree Month of Work
  • Simple UIs (if necessary)
  • Tree month live in our servers
  • Support to replicate in your environment
  • Good for Demos and Small Prod Envs.
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If you have a business, on-going company, start-up, and need help proving and idea, technology or concept, send a message and let's work together!

Send a message and we will be answering as soon as possible.